Have you ever found yourself hitting send, and then remembering you forgot to say something really important? Then you realize: there's a decision to be made.


I am a high school English teacher, writer, photographer, free spirit, and Gilmore Girls enthusiast. 

I have been behind a camera for over two years and have attended online webinars and photography workshops  through Cole's Classroom and Amy & Jordan Photography, learning from the best to invest in my natural talents.

When not in front of high schoolers or my computer screen, I enjoy jogging, reading, and crying while watching Into the Wild

 "PS Photos made me feel at ease in front of the camera. I've never had anyone capture my personality so well."

-Becca, Portrait Shoot 

"Paul's heart is so full of love and passion; his work is stunning!"

-Morgan, Portrait Shoot

"Paul was so much fun to shoot with, made me feel natural and comfortable, and he did an incredible job!"

-Taylor, Portrait Shoot

Going into the photoshoot with Paul I was nervous and scared because it was so out of my comfort zone. I quickly realized that I had no reason to be nervous or scared. When we first started the photoshoot I noticed that he had this really positive vibe to him that just made me feel so good about myself and really comfortable. He gave me confidence and showed me what I was capable of. It was one of the best experiences of my life!

-Tamara, Portrait Shoot


That used to be a lot less annoying when people still wrote letters.

kind friends


In fact, the PS (or the original double text) is my favorite part of any letter. It's usually a funny story or a personal detail that my friends remember to tell me only after the letter is signed. A PS is typically followed by something that the writer would only share with you. One of my favorite PS’s came after I graduated high school and a friend wrote, “PS whenever I hear Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night I think of you.” As embarrassing as that is now, I know it made me laugh then, and more importantly, it meant something. It was a connection. And that’s exactly what PS Photos is.


PS Photos is more than a photography business. I chose the name because I wanted a brand that represented interaction and experience. I chose the name PS Photos for two reasons: as I've already said, PS is my favorite part of receiving a letter, and I think the meaning behind those additional words can be very significant. In my case, PS are also my initials.

Similar to a PS at the end of a letter, photography allows us to learn more about ourselves, to experience events at a deeper level after they are over, and to see our memories through the unique lens of retrospect. The slight gap between event and finished photos allows the event to sink in, only to be refreshed and brought back to life upon delivery of your photos. Photography opens our eyes to a new version of the moments we cherish so much.


At your wedding, for example, you may not notice certain sweet moments like your grandparents dancing, or your little nephew stealing a second slice of cake, but photography allows us to experience those moments as if we were there in a very real and meaningful way. Similarly, at a senior or family shoot, the photos that really matter are the ones that connect to us in ways beyond aesthetic and into the realm of emotion.


Although it is is important to have a clear vision for the look and style of the photos you want, it is also important to allow photographs to encounter real life moments, the PS moments after the formal shots that truly capture the spirit of the model.


At PS Photos, I believe that beauty is easily attained if one only remembers to encounter the ordinary. PS Photos brings you the peace of knowing that not only will you receive high-end, timeless photos, but also photos that will bring you back to an event, an engagement, or your senior year long after the time has passed.

PS Photos will always bring memories that outlast the moment.


Paul Satchwill

PS... thanks for reading! ;)


I take pictures because I see beautiful things, and I need to know that these things are not fleeting. I need to know that beauty is not gone once a moment has passed, but that it may be preserved and protected.

Beauty is not an abstract concept, but is instead very tangible and, unfortunately, very manipulated. I believe in portraying my subjects in a natural, organic way, showing my audience how the people I interact with interact with the world around them. Because when a smile is natural and not posed, or when a glance is stolen and not directed, that is where the beauty of humanity is found, and where my art is created.

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