The city of Batesville has given me some incredible opportunities to succeed and grow. Now I think it's time I give something back.

Paul Satchwill, District Four Candidate


I am...




I am... a Teacher

Teaching has provided me with the leadership skills necessary to  serve on city council. Managing 120 diverse students per day, tackling problems with them and finding creative solutions, has equipped me to view challenges as opportunities, and shown me the importance of listening to the needs of those around me.

Pictured: working one-on-one with a student. Leading a cooperative learning environment has brought me closer to my students and produced some amazing projects from my classroom.


I am... a volunteer

Volunteering in the Batesville community has truly opened my eyes to the amazing people who constantly contribute to the future of our city. Each opportunity gives me a deeper understanding of home, and what a powerful volunteer force can do for a city. Setting out to accomplish a task with a group of like-minded individuals, and seeing the community benefit, truly gives me joy. 

Pictured: Volunteering at the Star Spangled Symphony event in Batesville. Leading on the Audience Experience was a challenging and rewarding experience, not to mention fun!


I am... an advocate

Whether I am speaking at a conference, a leadership event, or simply over a cup of coffee with a friend, I always try to leave space in the conversation for a deep understanding of the topic at hand and who I am speaking to. Having the opportunity to speak publicly on issues that I am passionate about has helped me establish and refine my own personal stance and embrace my unique voice in the conversation.

Pictured: speaking on the Hillenbrand HICLS panel "What is Diversity and Inclusion?"




I am passionate about Batesville becoming a more walkable and bike-able city. This not only makes travel around the city safer and easier, but it also positively impacts business by making the city more pedestrian friendly.


As a teacher, involved citizen, and advocate, I believe in creating policies that enhance quality of life, protect our citizens, and benefit the broader community.  As a councilman I would work to Identify and build on existing assets, motivate all members of the community to plan for the future, and use outside funding to make things happen.


It is important for our city to keep up with and understanding the changing demographics in our workforce, schools, and community. Creating an inclusive environment means listening to the voices of every community member, and placing value on every question, dream, and idea.


"I recognize a momentum in the city. I can turn that into action."

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