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Welcome to the first episode of BIG MOOD! Jennifer joins me for a discussion about what high school is like these days, how we see Generation Z showing passion, our favorite memes, and what BIG MOOD actually means. My favorite quote of the episode is: “If you decide not to show up and support me, that’s fine. I’ll still show up to support YOU.” 



“We’re kids. We don’t deserve this.” Welcome to Episode Two. We made it! Episode Two is a sit down with Brice about why he’s passionate about making schools safer. Brice started a company called SAFESS, ( and has built community partnerships in order to look at how we can be safer in the places we go every day. However, it hasn’t been easy. In today’s episode Brice shares with me the frustration he’s felt in school culture and how his age affects his efforts. This is a powerful, sometimes dark episode, and contains content related to school shootings. I’m so excited for you to hear what Brice has to say, and what it is that leaves him speechless. It’s so important. 



Hey everybody! Chelsie joins me on today's episode to tackle the insanely huge topic of social media. We talk about the good, the bad, and the VERY ugly of living a life online, and the benefits of stepping away all together (for a bit, at least). We also discuss what it means to serve others and how a donut can change someones outlook on life. Chelsie rocked my world with some of the incredible advice she dropped and I'm SO excited for you to hear this episode. Go press play! 



Hey BIG MOOD fam! Alli joins me today to talk about the super important topic of EDUCATION. Alli is passionate about not only learning herself, but also helping others learn too. Alli wants to see others succeed and is going into the field of education to be a part of that journey. In this episode Alli and I discuss what high school is like these days, the problems we see in it, and how we think it can get better. We also talk about our favorite useless facts that are taking up valuable space in our brains (no wonder I don’t remember geometry- I know how long an elephant’s pregnancy lasts!). Join the party and PRESS PLAY!



You know what’s crazy? Politics. That’s why Episode 5 is a TWO-PARTER. This week (and next, lol) Carrie and I discuss what it means to unlearn biases and explore how we can overcome our own. There are a few “yikes” moments in this episode but, guess what, we made it and we’re all the better for it. THE POLITICAL EPISODE tackles something that many young people feel they don’t have a voice in: politics. So buckle up, get off your high horse (or donkey, or elephant), and gear up for what politics look like in high school. *gulp*. Also, for some reason there is a heinous amount of ASMR. Pobody’s Nerfect.



WOWOWOW. You guys, we’re over the halfway point. Eli is my guest this episode and he is here to talk about what it means to have faith and how his faith has changed his life. Eli has an amazing story to share and I’m so honored that he chose to share it on the podcast. Whether you consider yourself a person of faith, are questioning, or are tired of it all, this episode is for you. Join the party and press PLAY!


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