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Newsletter One

Newsletter One

I'm really not into labels. I struggle to call myself a photographer, and even a teacher (which is my full time job!). Labels make things so serious, and so permanent. And permanency makes me feel a lot like Phoebe Buffay:

I'm not into it.

It’s true- I do take pictures, and I’m actually a pretty excellent teacher (there will be no humility here). I'm super proud of the work that I produce in both areas. What makes them so great is that they're both like seeing the world through a new lens (which is what it one actually is!). So, sure, I take pictures, and I teach, but why rush to label something?

So now you're asking yourself: what are you then? Well, I'm a person who:

Wants to challenge the standards of society- whatever that looks like,

Creates work that reflects a person’s true self, and not the self that they have curated for others,

Creates work that reflects a person’s beliefs about family, friends, culture, and beliefs.

This newsletter is tied to my photography brand, but it’s so much more than that. I want to use this space to tell you about the things that matter to me, to offer unwarranted advice, and to be real in the hopes that someone is listening.

I am so excited that you took the time to read this, because that means I didn't just write it for nothing. I can't wait to pop into your inbox every Monday with something new to share. Next week I'm going to talk about success and how our very desires for it are usually what get in our way of reaching it. This is already so much fun.



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