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Freedom to Watch Gilmore Girls

Since today is July 4th, I am expressing my American freedom to discuss possibly the most important, relevant, and pressing issue that we currently face: the return of Gilmore Girls (No, sadly Netflix is not paying me to write this). The show quickly claimed the spot as my favorite family-drama (sorry 7th Heaven) when I binge watched the entire show earlier this year. Buckle up, we talk fast in Stars Hollow.

If you're already like, who are these women? what is this about? Don't worry, I'm not judging you too harshly. If you’ve never seen the show, though, then I’m not sure what we really have in common, and repenting from your sins is probably not a bad idea. It was a long process for me, getting to know the Girls. I had seven seasons to watch, many heartbreaks to endure, and thousands of movie references to keep up with. But I did it. I made it through all seven seasons, and if you’ve never seen it, my hope is that you can still glean from the following points, even though, like, massive side-eye (okay, I'm done dragging you). This is what the girls taught me: 1. Rory Gilmore is the friend we all need. Rory is the daughter in the show. She embodies the perfect friend. She’s a great listener, almost always thinks through her decisions (looking at you, Jess), and has enough experience dealing with Lorelai (Lorelai is the mom- keep up!) to deal with any problems we could bring her. She’s loving. She’s loyal. She’s wise and fiercely capable. She’s the person who won’t make a joke at your expense even if you know she’s kidding. 2. Coffee is addictive, and some addictions are okay. Lorelai is living proof that it is possible to be successful while living with an addiction. ran a study and found that on-screen, the Gilmore girls consumed 503 cups of coffee over seven seasons. Forbes determined that the girls spent just over $1,000 on coffee, and that’s just what we saw on-screen. The creative minds of America are WOKE when it comes to Gilmore Girls and their coffee! I’m drinking coffee as I write this because I am learning to live with my addiction! (But seriously- addictions are bad and coffee is the only substance that we should be okay consuming in an addictive fashion). 3. It’s okay to be sad and to sit in that emotion for a while. One of the greatest lessons that Lorelai taught Rory, and me, is that grief is a monster that must be dealt with head on. Unlike other emotions, you cannot run it over and move on in a day. Grief is valid, whether it’s over a lost loved one, or a broken relationship. If something bad happens, eat ice cream, watch Netflix (Gilmore Girls, perhaps?!), and cry. Lorelai would want you to. Then, she would want you to pull yourself together and show the world what you’re made of. This is possibly the most valuable lesson she ever taught her daughter.

(these are the facts!) 4. No one is ever done coming home. Even if you move hundreds of miles away, you are never truly finished going home. Whether it’s making a physical pilgrimage, calling, or sending an email, chances are you will return home during your independent adult life. Home may look different for all of us, but for me it’s a place with a warm bed and warm smiles; a place of comfort and safety. Coming home, however it’s done, is an important part of realizing that needing your family at 25, 30, or 50 is okay because life is hard and sometimes the only cure is a hug from your mom (brb, crying). 5. We are all Paris Geller. No matter how much we want to be any other character, we are all realistically type A control freaks who have no time for nonsense. We all freak out over the smallest things and have absolutely zero chill. I guess it's a better alternative than being Kirk. This 4th of July, wherever you find yourself, think about what you are teaching those around you. No one is ever done learning, and we typically learn the most from the people we spend time with. Practice your freedom to teach others to be kind, accept themselves, deal with difficult circumstances, and trust that you’ll always be there. Because in our day and age, person-to-person connection is all that most of us are looking for. It’s difficult, but it changes what we learn and how we learn it. Brew coffee for two instead of one, and see what a difference it makes. I’ll leave you with this, in the hopes that we can all learn something from the words that feel like home to thousands of viewers: Where you lead, I will follow Anywhere that you tell me to If you need, you need me to be with you I will follow where you lead Yours,

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