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I write about this a lot, so I’ll keep it brief. It’s so important for me to have a reset button. You might be hard pressed to find a man who enjoys ironing and cleaning, but I spend time every Sunday afternoon doing just that while listening to podcasts, and I like doing it! For me, Sundays are a way to de-clutter the debris picked up during the previous week, and prepare for the coming storm. Sundays are a time for me to tidy up, organize, and reset because I know that once Monday comes, I’m hitting the ground running. For perspective: as I write I'm sitting outside in the crazy warm Indiana weather listening to Hillsong United's newest album. By the team you read this, I'll probably have already answered "can I go to the bathroom?" 100 times, have wiped up mysterious liquids from multiple desks in my classroom, and threatened a few of my more colorful students with a trip to the office. Life is crazy, and using the calm moments we do have is vital to balancing it all. My weekly reset brings me peace that my life can be orderly, even if by mid-week order feels like a foreign concept. I’m intentional with this time so that I’m not only relaxing, but also being productive in areas other than work. I could spend all weekend hammering out grading and lesson planning, but honestly, this is exactly what I don’t want my weekends to look like. Even though, sure, I’m being productive, I’m not giving myself time away from work. I have to allow myself to be productive in my personal life, whether it’s scrubbing my sink or connecting with friends, so that I have the energy and mental stability to put my 100% into my job during the week. And maybe I’m alone in this, but as much as I love binge watching a show, relaxing isn’t always the most effective reset to me. Usually, by the end of a marathon, I’m only more stressed because of all the time I could have used on impending tasks. Sometimes I have to make myself get up and do something that has an end result, and I’m always so thankful that I did. A reset doesn’t have to be finding a new hobby or making extra work for yourself. A reset, for me, is simply finding tasks that need to be done, or working on a project that you want to do but can hardly find time, or simply reading that book that’s been on the shelf since you bought it, and finding joy in it.. When I do these things, my work week flows so much more smoothly, I have more free time, and I am able to relax more. Sacrificing precious weekend time to be productive, however painful it may sound, frees up your week from so many stresses. I told you I would keep it short. Look at how much extra time you have! You COULD use it to figure out what you can do that, although may be time consuming, makes your time meaningful and an investment in your future. Let me know what you decide.



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