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Becca Portrait Session

I love anytime I can get behind the camera. I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with photography over the past year, and will literally leap at any chance I get to shoot for someone. So when Becca reached out to me and wanted to do a photo session, there was no way I could say no!

Becca and I are old friends from high school. During my senior year we were both student aides for our yearbook teacher and spent an hour each day laughing and (sometimes) working on our yearbook pages. The weirdest memory I have is when we opened Microsoft Paint and created little characters based on each yearbook member! I think I have a screenshot of that on Facebook, but I'll spare you our poor excuse for art! If I remember correctly, this inspired a Microsoft Paint war. After that, you were never safe from becoming the next photoshopped background on the yearbook computers.

This picture is one of my favorites from our shoot! It captures Becca's PERFECT reaction to me saying, "ummm, look behind you." I'm not sure what she was expecting to see, but it definitely wasn't a fat cat wandering around a closed store!

Shooting with friends is so much fun because you get expressions like this. "You're telling me to do WHAT?" One of my goals as a photographer has been to develop a better talent for directing my subjects. No matter how great someone's smile is, it is completely natural to feel intimidated in front of the camera. Sometimes (as seen above) I think I was too ambitious with my directions! Becca was gracious and supporting as I practiced this with her, and working together we got some really great shots!

This shoot was a blast and we laughed so much. It was so easy to get the shots I wanted; it's not every day a photographer can say that!

See the full shoot here.

Thanks for being awesome, Becca!

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