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Taylor Portrait Session

This weekend I had the pleasure of working with Taylor. I ended up having a free slot after a last minute cancellation, and Taylor responded to my desperate "I need this slot filled!" post. I wanted to get behind the camera!

The weather for our shoot was PERFECT, albeit a little windy, which made for some gorgeous (and some funny) shots. The lighting was a dreamy compliment to Taylor's complexion, and most of the photos simply fell into my lens with minimal effort from myself. That's the kind of photoshoot that makes me scream "YAS" after previewing every photo (an obnoxious habit I'm trying to break (I do this in the classroom, too)).

THE YELLOW. WALL. As I shoot more and more I find myself coming back to this wall. It adds such a spunky, groovy feel to my normally low key, bright photos. Taylor was literally feet away from someone's apartment door in this photo, but we made sure to make it quick. I mean, if you paint your house this color, you better expect photographers to flock to it.

THE SUN. Usually I don't like shooting on sunny days because the lighting is too harsh. When I noticed the angle of this sunset, though, I knew that we had to let some of that into the photo. Taylor probably thought I was crazy as I was running around, squatting, standing on my tippy-toes trying to get this photo. Look at how gorgeous that lighting looks, and how confident Taylor is!

The best shoots are when you can work with someone who is comfortable, confident, and doesn't take themselves too seriously. I had such a blast on this shoot. I can't wait to see what Taylor does in the future!

Check out the full shoot here.




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