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I have never liked sunsets. It's not that I dislike them, but I've never been wowed by them. I've always thought sunsets were kind of cliche. And posting them on Instagram? Forget it. But yesterday, when I woke up at 7:00pm from my 3 hour nap (spring break!), I walked right out of my house and into spring. It felt almost as if it had sprung while I was asleep. The smell, the colors, the freshness, the sunset, it all hit me at once. And I loved it. But it's not just spring that I love, but specifically spring at home. I feel like home gets a bad rap. It's where you grew up and went through your awkward phases. It's the place you couldn't wait to leave. It's where your parents live. When I teach connotation and denotation in my classes, I always use home as an example. And when we discuss the connotation of home, the meaning of the word beyond its dictionary definition, it is usually described how you would think: comfort, food, safety, family, sleep. Like our families, most of us have a strange relationship with our homes. It's a place that we may love, but we don't always want to be there. It's important to us, but we need space from it. I'm thankful for my home because it has constantly been my creative space. It has been my safe space. It is where some of my fondest memories are. Now, as an adult (still) living at home, it can be so tempting to want nothing more than to just get out. But it can also be tempting to want to stay here (not here here, but in the area) because it's safe and comfortable. And that's also a struggle because that's the farthest thing from what I've always wanted. ALL of that to say, this week, as I revel in my second (!!) week of spring break, I'm going to enjoy being here; being home. Too often I find myself caught up in trying to plan my next steps when I know they're too far away to see clearly yet. I let that stop me from being present, and I'm tired of that mentality because ultimately it's just an excuse. My life and my purpose- just like your life and your purpose- is too important and too necessary to this world to be brushed aside by excuses. Home is where I am, and I have some big goals that are about to be met regardless of my environment. There is so much going on in everyone's life right now. None of us are free from the world and all its craziness. I have just been through probably the most stressful, anxiety inducing season of my young career. And however reluctant I am to use seasonal metaphors, spring has come at a perfect time. A time for me to rest, reflect, get work done, and head back to work a week from now with a fresh approach. But for now, coffee.



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