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Everything Comes to an End

Everything comes to an end. It's an old trope that's about as uninspiring as "all's well that ends well," or "every cloud has a sliver lining." They're so commonly used that they're as comforting as a "can we talk?" text. YIKES.. So here I am, at the end of my spring break, finding no comfort in the fact that everything comes to an end.

As a teacher, breaks are one of the biggest perks. The ends of breaks are some of the worst parts of teaching. Not because I hate my job (I don't) or don't want to get back, it's just the transition. The waking up early again after two weeks (YEAH- two weeks) of sleeping in. The answering the same question 10 times after two weeks of only answering to myself. The grading. The signing passes (don't ask why this is a big deal. I honestly don't know why, but it is).

But it's also times like this that I'm grateful to go back to work (again, NOT because I love waking up early). I'm grateful because I know a lot of people right now who are simply working to pay rent, to pay for school, or just because they don't have a plan for their life. I'm thankful that I found a job that I like, and a career that is growing me personally and professionally.

I know a lot of people who aren't happy with where they're at, but they're unsure of where to go. it's a big world with a lot of decisions to make, and it can be crippling. And even though it's encouraging that things will end, so that season may pass, it's a little unsettling to wrestle with the question: what comes next? Sure, you may work up the courage to leave your job, but what's next? Or maybe you finally end an unhealthy relationship, but what comes next?

It's important for our decisions to be intentional, and to be healthy for us. But it's also important to think about how these decisions are impacting the people around us. Maybe leaving our job might make us happier, but what chances will we have to impact others at our next job? Will it be more, or less? Maybe we want to stay where we are, but we see a bigger opportunity to impact ourselves, others, our community, elsewhere.

Change is scary, and everything does eventually come to an end. And when it does, how thankful will you be for that season? Will it be fruitful, or will it have been ordinary and meaningless? I know that I'm not waiting until the end of my life to look back and reflect on the meaning of my life. I will walk intentionally and make decisions that I know mean something for me and for other people. And I hope that you'll do the same.


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