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The Way I See It | Dayton, OH

Last week I visited one of my oldest friends, Morgan, in Dayton, OH. Morgan is one of my creative inspirations and never fails to leave me in awe of her work! She does photography, design, and even has an Etsy store where she sells her awesome creations. It was so much fun shooting with you, Morgan!

I had never been to Dayton before, and I wasn't disappointed. We ventured into the Oregon District, and it reminded me a lot of OTR in Cincinnati. It was a single street with bricks instead of pavement (CUTE), full of shops and restaurants.

Landscape (cityscape?) photography has always been a challenge for me. I used to think that it was boring and pointless. Who wants to look at pictures of buildings? But it was because of those feelings that I was so excited to get out and do it. I believe that doing things out of my comfort zone grows me as a person, and I am trying to apply that professionally as well.

I keep pushing myself to capture photos that reveal the world as I see it. It's that realization- that unique perspective- that keeps me in the photography field that can sometimes feel so oversaturated. There are so many of us. It can be extremely frustrating to see someone recommend you on Facebook or Instagram, just to see your name disappear in an endless stream of recommendations.

It's not about competition, though. Comparison is dangerous, and it gets you nowhere. To me, this business feels less like a bunch of photographers in a crowded room, fighting for attention, and more like a gathering in an open field. Sure, there are a lot of us, but there is also plenty of space for different perspectives and creativity. Everyone brings something different to the profession.

For me, photography is about more than capturing the moment. It's always been about capturing the people, the spirit, and the memories of a moment. That's what matters.

Anyone can take a picture. Only some can capture a memory.

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