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Change of Pace

For the past week I have been traveling around Europe. We have been moving so fast and have already been in three countries in the first week, which isn't even half of the total countries we'll be visiting. Each country has a different speed that is completely unique, and completely different than America.

As I have been traveling I have just been trying to keep up with the speed of each country (not to mention trying to sleep!). Although I know my life in American is hectic 90% of the time all the time, I'm used to the craziness there. I'm used to it, and I can flow with it. At home, I'm Crush riding through the East Australian Current. Abroad, I'm Dory; just barely holding on. As a person with anxiety, this change has felt overwhelming at times. The questions constantly on my mind are: what's next? did I leave anything behind? have you eaten today? Wait, what day is it?

The pace is exciting, though. The history and architecture I have seen in the last week is so much older than America's. I have seen places where great faith was formed and transformed lives. I have interacted with people I would never see in my hometown. I have even played a video game designed my our host in Barcelona (I won).

Surprisingly, I find myself increasingly thankful for where I'm from. I expected to be abroad and instantly want to move here. Instead, I really see the value in my home, both country and city. I thought that this trip would only emphasize my discontent with certain aspects of home, but instead I find it has reminded me of the things I take for advantage. I am an incredibly blessed and cared for person, and taking a step back from those people and things I value most has reminded me of that.

This change of pace has been amazing, and I still have two weeks of travel (!!). I never expected that the most common theme of my trip, however, would be how thankful I am for the place I left behind.

See you after a few more countries,


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