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Ben & Erin Wedding

Picture this: rolling hills lined with rows of glistening green vines, framed by a flowing white wedding arch. The sun was shining and the setting was perfect. All eyes were on the action happening on a small, wooden stage, perched atop a hill looking over the vineyard: the marriage of Ben and Erin.

I had been looking forward to this wedding weekend for almost a year. Ben and Erin approached me last fall with an amazing vision for their special day, and I couldn't help but feel extremely grateful that they chose ME as their photographer. I ended up being able to work with Ben and Erin twice before their wedding day, which really helped us learn about each other and figure out how we all work. This made the wedding day a breeze, which was nice, considering it was like 100 degrees that day (get it?!).

Throughout the day the ps photos team had the opportunity to capture some truly beautiful moments. The wedding colors allowed for a seamless blend of wedding party and nature, allowing the photos to open up and capture the events of the day in an organic way.

The soft greens and blues helped hone the focus of each photo to the people in it, making each portrait a celebration of the subjects. After all, isn't that what photography is all about?

So many people went into making this an incredible day for Ben & Erin. Thanks to the wedding party, the parents, the friends, and the vendors who not only assisted me, but who spent countless hours contributing to this day for the bride and groom.

Ben and Erin, you were both amazing to work with and I'm so glad I was a part of your special day!

Stay tuned for a full wedding album coming to my site soon!



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