• Paul Satchwill

The Path Keeps Going

There’s nothing worse than seeing someone settle for a life they don’t want. Especially when it’s someone far too young to settle. I feel like almost every day I see a social media post where people unintentionally mock their own dreams. It’s infuriating! People believe that their dreams are unachievable, and yet their desire to express them is too strong, so they present them as if they were absolutely unattainable. In reality, we only tell ourselves that we can never achieve them. That is anything but the truth.

Recently, a mansion in Versailles, Indiana has gone up for sale. It’s a beautiful, massive dream house that’s located in a state park. That’s 1) amazing, and 2) *~very creepy~* since anyone could hike up to your house and pay you a visit. What about the convicts hiding in the woods? Or the Sasquatch? Did I mention that the bedroom has GLASS WALLS?! It’s gorgeous, and everyone is talking about it. But more often than not, I see people sharing photos of the house with comments that so clearly show envy, but also a dulled sense of this could never be me.

I get it. Money is hard. I have written exactly 439 newsletters about money and how difficult it can make life. It’s terrible and it can be all consuming. So, obviously, very few people can walk up to the home with a briefcase full of cash and pay for it flat out. BUT, I also think we would be so much happier and more motivated if we saw things like this (homes, vacations, accomplishments), and instead of thinking that could never be me, telling ourselves (and the world!), someday that WILL be me.

Our culture teaches us that dreams are for the rich, the well off, the 1%, and that there is such a thing as an “average” person. And average people, we’re told and we eventually tell ourselves, don’t get things like that. And that is so wrong. Sure, some people are born light-years ahead of others financially. I’m not one of them. I do know, though, that I’m willing to work and hustle until I get everything I want in life. And I’m not trying to sound materialistic; although I’ve been one click away from ordering the iPhone 8 multiple times (read: an extensive amount of times). I LOVE things, but I’m also talking about experiences and fulfillment in areas that I just don’t feel fulfilled in yet.

We are all born with a crazy amount of potential. Every day I hear students laugh off sincerity because it’s not always cool to care. Every day I see adults shrink into themselves because they’ve accepted “this is the best it’s going to get,” instead of “this is only the start.” THIS IS ONLY THE START.

I believe that life can be so big and beautiful, and yet so many people place a cap on their personal journey. They allow themselves to venture to a certain point, to a point of comfort, and forget that the path goes any further. It goes SO much further. Just keep going. What you want is at the end and around every corner along the way.


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