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The Right Approach

Society expects a lot from us. A bizarre and seemingly counter-intuitive expectation is to be negative. If you’re discussing work, the weekend, or even the weather, your safest bet for an engaging conversation is usually to take a negative angle. It’s amazing the lengths that people will go to complain. Since society expects this negativity, it’s really easy for us to provide. I could complain for a solid 30 minutes about how annoying it is to use type-to-search on the TV remote. I’m really expected to take 10 minutes to enter my email and password to log in to Netflix on my TV? Outrageous.

Today is my first day back to work after a week of fall break. Whether you had a week’s vacation or not, you are probably also feeling some sort of negativity to going back to work. It’s incredible how we can be passionate about our work and at the same time dread returning to it. I think it’s an aspect of being human that we can’t avoid: the desire for the maximum amount of comfort at all times. And even though work or other commitments can be rewarding and fulfilling, they’re not always comfortable, meaning we’re not always excited about them. And we don’t always have to be excited, but we do have to be committed.

I am committed to going into work tomorrow energetic and free of complaints. Especially in my field, it’s easy to influence the atmosphere of a room. The mood that I radiate affects at least 20 other people at any given moment. That’s a lot of responsibility. Whether you encounter hundreds of faces throughout the day, or whether your sit at a computer for eight hours, your attitude always has influence over at least one person: you. And although you may not always feel excited or happy to be there, you can at least be committed to being there, and to working your hardest while you’re there. And that, friends, will make all the difference.


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