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It's all fun and games until you procrastinate past a deadline. Just like anyone else, I will make up any excuse not to do the laundry. I'll do anything not to grade, not to answer emails, or even shower (it's hard work!). Procrastination is something we laugh about, but it can seriously impact so many areas of our life. Let's dive into that, because I procrastinated this newsletter and this is what I've come up with.


this one's obvious. Putting off work causes us to lose the most precious thing in life because we're now staying up into the night to get it done. As someone who "proudly" never pulled an all-nighter during college, I highly value my sleep time. That's not to say I haven't submitted a term paper or, more recently, finished writing a quiz long after the sun went down. Losing sleep causes more stress and irritability, which causes us to procrastinate more, and it's a whole huge terrible cycle. DO THE WORK.


Procrastination feel GOOD. I've developed amazing dissociative tendencies where I can forget about the work I told myself I'd do for an entire two-hour binge session (currently watching Stranger Things 2). I am also incredible at rationalizing procrastination, and calling it anything else but what it is. This is only a temporary feeling, though. The price of procrastinating is the increased stress and workload that comes after the fact. So while it may feel good in the moment, putting off work only steals your future happiness. DO THE WORK.


Oh, you watched five hours of Great British Bake Off instead of finishing your assignment? Guess that means no weekend plans for you! Too often I've said, or heard, I can't because... or I've spent too long putting this off. It's a miserable feeling to say no to friends because you've spent too long putting off work and now you have to double down and do it before the impending deadline exposes you as a slacker. Sometimes locking yourself away and working on a weekend is unavoidable, but oftentimes it's the product of mismanaged time during the week. Of course, you could argue that one way to procrastinate is to see friends more, which debunks this whole paragraph. Either way, DO THE WORK.

Today's newsletter is the product of an overcommitted and under resourced season of my life. I love everything I do, but if I don't stay on top of absolutely all of it, it will swallow me whole. Procrastination is a temporary relief from it all, but in the end it only sucks the life and happiness out of me, hollowing each project of its rewards and its purpose.

From now until December my mantra is: Don't stop until it's done.


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