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Big News: I'm Moving

Less than two weeks ago I texted two friends asking them if they had apartment recommendations. Yesterday I signed my lease.

Moving is a huge deal for me. I moved back in with my parents after graduating college over two years ago. The intent was always to move after two years, but there was always the unknown of where I would be moving to. To be honest, I truly did not see myself moving to Batesville when I started working there.

Batesville was everything I didn't want: small town, rural, just like home. But after two years of working there and investing in the town, I came to realize that I found the community that I've always wanted. A place where I'm growing professionally and creatively. I have found a community that fosters my gifts and allows me to serve in incredibly rewarding ways. There are amazing people there, and amazing opportunities for me.

Next weekend I'll be in my first apartment on my own. The past two years at home have been incredible. I was able to make wonderful progress paying off student loans while still affording to travel as well as invest in photography. Honestly, without this season of my life I probably wouldn't be in photography. I definitely wouldn't have seen my friends abroad. I can't thank my parents enough for their patience and their understanding and their investment in my success. That being said, we're all very excited to say that it's time to move forward.

What I'll Miss

  • THE FOOD. Mom's cooking > anything I'll be scraping up.

  • Chipotle. Now I have to drive thirty minutes to the closest one?

  • Proximity to family. Batesville is by no means a far move from home, but not living next door to my grandparents anymore means "do you have eggs?" is a phone call I'll be making less.

What I Can't Wait For

  • TIME. Adding nearly two hours to every day will be life changing. I won't have any idea what to do with myself.

  • Riding my bike into town for a coffee or groceries. In my eyes, riding a bike anywhere is the EPITOME of a romantic life, especially if it's to the farmers market for flowers (THAT I WILL BE BUYING FOR MYSELF).

  • Proximity to friends. No more are the late night treks home or snap decisions to drive forty minutes to hang out. Hello spontaneity & more sleep!


Spring is always an astoundingly busy time in my life. And although this will add to the crazy in certain ways, I already know this decision is so incredibly good for me. I am so excited to finally say it's time. This feels just like Christmas Eve.



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