Treat Yo Self: Success & Mental Health

Newsletter Two I've rebranded! My newsletter is now called For Monday, in the hopes that I can start your week with you, coffee and newsletter in hand. Today I'm going to be talking about success. With that being said, I need to be clear: this was written by an unsuccessful person. Success-driven, yes, but not successful. If I considered myself successful at this point in my life, the bar would be set and I would never challenge myself again. I'm right, right? Yes. Success should only be used to describe the person who cures cancer, or the person who gets McDonald's to serve ALL breakfast all day long (*sigh*). I am writing about success as an observer of it, not necessarily as an obtaine

Newsletter One

Newsletter One I'm really not into labels. I struggle to call myself a photographer, and even a teacher (which is my full time job!). Labels make things so serious, and so permanent. And permanency makes me feel a lot like Phoebe Buffay: I'm not into it. It’s true- I do take pictures, and I’m actually a pretty excellent teacher (there will be no humility here). I'm super proud of the work that I produce in both areas. What makes them so great is that they're both like seeing the world through a new lens (which is what it one actually is!). So, sure, I take pictures, and I teach, but why rush to label something? So now you're asking yourself: what are you then? Well, I'm a person who: Wants t

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