Hairy Habbits

If you know me, you know I have it. Desired by many, achieved by few, it requires hard work, determination, true grit, all that stuff. Jared Leto has it, Chris Hemsworth sometimes has it, and Harry Styles used to have it (RIP). The man bun. Think about it: Only 50% of the world can possess it, and of that, how many actually have it? I DO, and I’m going to walk you through the 5 stages of growing a man bun. Each stage is unique and has its challenges. It’s not for everyone, only those willing to dive into the unknown with nothing but a comb and a gallon of hair gel. Stage One: Excitement. I made the decision to grow out my hair in November 2014. I had seen a few man buns on campus when I w

Work Isn't About Making Money

Newsletter Five This newsletter now reaches two dozen readers- yay you! Thanks for joining the party. I read a quote a while back in a New York Times article, which I read while drinking my morning coffee because I’m posh. The guy quoted is named Joel Pavelsky, he’s 27, and he works for a media company called Mic. His quote resonates with me still, months after first encountering it: “Maybe this is because I’m young, but, like, I don’t think that there is a lot about my personal life that I wouldn’t want to incorporate into what I’m doing professionally.” Spoken like a true millennial! What Joel is saying is that he enjoys his personal life so much, and values his work so highly, that he w

A First Look at my BOOK!

Disclaimer, this newsletter is, like, really heavy and I'm not sure why??!??! I guess I have a lot of feelings right now, but just be warned. You may or may not know this, but I’m writing a book. It’s a slow process, but at this point I have such a personal connection to it, that I’m fine spending my time on it (plus teaching is real hard and leaves little time for anything else). Last week I read over this passage that I had written but forgotten about. It’s not finished, I don’t think, but it’s good. Writing this book has given me the chance to hash out and explain to myself some of the things I believe. It’s led me to question a lot, and pushed me to think about myself on a real level. So

Freedom to Watch Gilmore Girls

Since today is July 4th, I am expressing my American freedom to discuss possibly the most important, relevant, and pressing issue that we currently face: the return of Gilmore Girls (No, sadly Netflix is not paying me to write this). The show quickly claimed the spot as my favorite family-drama (sorry 7th Heaven) when I binge watched the entire show earlier this year. Buckle up, we talk fast in Stars Hollow. If you're already like, who are these women? what is this about? Don't worry, I'm not judging you too harshly. If you’ve never seen the show, though, then I’m not sure what we really have in common, and repenting from your sins is probably not a bad idea. It was a long process for me,

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