Crispy Things

Newsletter Eleven As I write it is 90 degrees outside which makes me never want to leave my house, a frigid 70 degrees, ever again. I am writing this newsletter after my second cup of coffee, wearing my favorite sweater cardigan, daydreaming of fall. Since I believe we ALL should be shaking in anticipation for the day Pumpkin Spice makes its glorious return from the Starbucks-netherworld, I’ve written up a short list of some of the reasons why you should get excited for fall: Charlie Brown. What? Who? That’s right: Block Head. Hear me out. Charlie Brown is right up there with the Grinch and Rudolph when it comes to holiday canon. We kind of lose touch with the Peanuts gang over the summer,

Anchors ⚓️

every ship needs an anchor. I’m confident that all of us have heard the quote “A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for,” or some variant of it. It’s true, I’m a fan of it, maybe I’ll get it tattooed one day. When ships are built correctly (*side-eyes Titanic*), they can withstand amazing force. Most modern ships have an average yield strength of around 24,000 psi. Like, I don’t know what that means, but it’s impressive because big numbers! Most modern ships don’t even have anchors anymore. They use some thruster-Star Wars technology to stay in a single position. For the sake of analogy, and because I am once again technologically clueless, I’m sticking with an

I Am

Newsletter Nine one positive word. A declaration. A lettered tangibility of one’s self. This is what I asked of each and every one of my students last week. What word defines you? What word shows you off to the world? Can you find one past the surface level? Is this your own word, or one you’ve heard others use when describing you? Inspired by a colleague from my time as an undergraduate, an entire wall in my classroom is dedicated to these one word declarations. My students are charged with pinpointing one word that highlights a facet or area of themselves that they are proud of, they think highly of, or a word that conveys their sense of humor, or general attitude on life. Some stude

Passionate People

Newsletter Eight know I write a lot about work, but it’s only because I’m a workaholic/don’t really have a personal life besides watching Netflix and going for runs- I live on the end of both extremes. So yeah, I write about work, but I’m not apologizing for it! I guess when I started teaching *~a YeAr AgO~* I had no idea how much cool stuff I would be able to do, and how much what I do professionally would affect me personally. A couple weekends ago I hosted a poetry night at a coffeeshop where some of my past students read poems written in my class. It was seriously so amazing. I just kept thinking about how I facilitated the creation of those poems. And then I think, even if my student

The Worst Kind of People as Told by Parks & Rec Characters

Newsletter Seven I am 100% sure that you subscribed to this newsletter after finding it on social media. So many people gripe and complain about social media as if they haven't made the conscious decision to participate in it. Social media can be rough. Especially in this election season, trolls and vocal supporters of either party log on with a war mentality. Social media can many times feel like a battle field. It can also be a place where your interests can bloom and you can be inspired, if you work to make it that way. I follow writers, educators and photographers on all social media platforms (except Facebook, that’s exclusively for shameless self-promotion because ew). I see work and

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