Being Stressed > Being Bored

Looking back at my first newsletters, I see how leisurely it all was. I’d write a bit, then jump in the pool, then watch Netflix for four hours, then pick up writing where I left off. Now, I’m running on empty, barely squeezing out each newsletter (read: last week). Honestly, though, I’m more inspired. Running on empty works for a lot of people. It works for me. Running on empty keeps me thinking and keeps me moving. I always say I’m much happier stressed and busy than when I’m bored. Being bored stifles my creativity and my motivation. When I operate on sensitive timelines and owe other people my work and time, I feel like I’m living a productive life. Running on E is dangerous though. Mo

Keep Going

Newsletter Thirteen Most of us think that upon graduating college (or high school, or whatever), we stop “graduating into things.” We went from pre-k to Kindergarten, from there to elementary, middle and high school, and possibly to college. After that we thought “we are DONE with oversized gowns and caps we aren't allowed to decorate!” And we were right. Kind of. Even though the formalities and rituals of graduation end, though when they end is different for everyone, it's important that we don't view this as the end of moving forward. We have to continue to move up, not just over, but on to bigger and better things. I’m 23 and, as of right now, I'm done graduating. I'd like to get my mas

So Clothe to Confidence

this is the SPECIAL Monday night edition! What makes it special? Laziness, the holiday, you decide. I was busy all weekend and then Sunday night came and I was napping/watching X Files (almost through season 3!). So here we are, the nightly issue. Confidence is a word that people LOVE to use when talking about other people. When we talk about ourselves, though, the word doesn’t come out quite as easily. Sure, a lot of people have self-confidence, and that’s real, that’s valid, that’s them. Most people, though, have spurts of confidence. Hold onto that. It’s important and it will take you far. Take advantage of days, hours, or even minutes when you see yourself as a rockstar. As I’ve aged

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