How You React Becomes How You Remember

This week I was on break from work. It was amazing! The week before, the crazy week where break is so close students can taste it, I had timed writings in two of my classes. If you’ve never sat through a timed writing, consider yourself #blest. A timed writing is essentially a timed essay prompt given to prepare students for the timed writing portion of the SAT and ACT. They’re boring to write and boring to grade. However, there are always a few students who breath life into their writing, and sometimes it’s so unexpected and so beautiful. Take this, for example: “From my grandpa’s kind words he spoke to me that day, every one of my days I spend trying to find the good in hard or bad situati

I'm on Buzzfeed!

I'm on Buzzfeed! Well... kind of. Today's newsletter is simply a link to an article that I posted on Buzzfeed Community, a portion of their site that allows users to contribute. This article expresses one of my more complex thought processes that I have been struggling with lately- especially this election season. If you're interested, you can click on the link below. If you like it or can relate, feel free to share it. But more importantly, email me. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Read My Article Here #Newsletter

Let Me Vent!

I use emojis, gifs, Vines, and memes every day in my classroom. Not to be the cool, relatable teacher (but that’s obviously part of it, duh), but because I think it’s important bringing things I enjoy into my classroom. Usually my students respond, but sometimes, when a room of 30 is staring at me with blank faces, I want to scream, “WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME?!?!” Let me explain. I never want to waste anyone’s time. I want everything I do to be worthwhile and, if people comes across my work, I want them to feel that time was not wasted reading or viewing it. It’s the same in my career. See, it would be the easiest thing for you to delete this email and never finish reading it. There would be a

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