Becca Portrait Session

I love anytime I can get behind the camera. I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with photography over the past year, and will literally leap at any chance I get to shoot for someone. So when Becca reached out to me and wanted to do a photo session, there was no way I could say no! Becca and I are old friends from high school. During my senior year we were both student aides for our yearbook teacher and spent an hour each day laughing and (sometimes) working on our yearbook pages. The weirdest memory I have is when we opened Microsoft Paint and created little characters based on each yearbook member! I think I have a screenshot of that on Facebook, but I'll spare you our poor excuse for art! If

Project Refuge Part Four: What Now?

Project Refuge: Part Four In 1939, the United States turned away more than 900 Jews fleeing Hitler’s Germany because of a false fear that some might be Nazi conspirators or Communists. More than a quarter of those refugees later died in the Holocaust as a result. If I am certain about anything, it is this: history must not repeat itself, but it absolutely could. This is my last installation in my writing series “Project Refuge.” This series took a lot of work, and taught me so much about something that I am passionate about. This installation follows absolutely no pattern, but has two, simple functions: to convey critical information on the refugee crisis, and to provoke thought and action

Project Refuge: Part Three

Project Refuge: Part Three “Compassion and security can coexist.” -Scott Arbeiter, President of World Relief The phrase “Net Positive” is used to describe businesses that put more into society, the global economy, and the environment than they take out. The Net Positive ideal, in fact, is a legitimate movement spearheaded by The Net Positive Project. This project aims to create a world where our largest financial and corporate influencers have the freedom and ability to positively affect the world and the people in it. Stephan Bauman and associates use this phrase in their book Seeking Refuge to describe the economic impact of refugees in America, which is exactly what I'm going to talk abo

Project Refuge: Part Two

Project Refuge Week 2: The Wait I’ll never forget the moment I looked into his eyes. They were dark brown, similar to mine, but they held the sights of a different life. He had wrinkles around them, though he couldn’t have been far beyond his mid thirties. He could be younger- I’m terrible with age. He was always smiling, always laughing. I only sometimes understood him, but he still made me smile. This time he was serious. His room was hot, as they all were, and it was loud with the sounds of camp life. When I asked my friend why he left his home country, he told me, in very simple English, that he had no other choice. His family had all died in a bombing, and he would probably be next. S

Project Refuge: Part One

Project Refuge: Part One People have a natural tendency to fear what we do not know. It’s part of the human experience. The nightlight industry has made a fortune off of the fear of the dark! It's also natural that, as we age, we realize there is no rational reason to be afraid of the dark. It is a fear that many of us can quickly overcome through rational thinking and education. Why is it, then, that we do not address other fears; fears that can also be overcome through rational thinking, and fears that can damage thousands of lives, if we know from experience that such fears are only as strong as we allow them to be? For the month of January I will be writing and researching on the glob

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