My Worst Habit

My Worst Habit I’ve always had habits- both good and bad. So have you. For example, whenever I write and I come to the end of a sentence or paragraph and feel stuck, I’ll rapidly press the “J” and “delete” buttons over and over until I’m unstuck. It’s like I’m clicking a pen or tapping my pencil on my desk. Sometimes this goes on for MINUTES before I even realize it’s happening. Which makes total sense when you think about habits. Habits are stored in a part of our brain that is essentially our autopilot button. So once you engage in an activity that your brain registers as a habit, your brain almost shuts down and frees up space for really anything else. This is why habits can be really gre

Taylor Portrait Session

This weekend I had the pleasure of working with Taylor. I ended up having a free slot after a last minute cancellation, and Taylor responded to my desperate "I need this slot filled!" post. I wanted to get behind the camera! The weather for our shoot was PERFECT, albeit a little windy, which made for some gorgeous (and some funny) shots. The lighting was a dreamy compliment to Taylor's complexion, and most of the photos simply fell into my lens with minimal effort from myself. That's the kind of photoshoot that makes me scream "YAS" after previewing every photo (an obnoxious habit I'm trying to break (I do this in the classroom, too)). THE YELLOW. WALL. As I shoot more and more I find myself

Why You Shouldn't Become A Teacher

Why You Shouldn’t Become A Teacher This weekend I upgraded my iPhone (hey 7 fam!) and had a lot of time to kill in the Sprint store as all of my data transferred. 2500 pictures takes a little bit of time. While I was there I had a conversation with the woman behind the counter. She was probably a little older than me, and when I told her my career, she told me that her husband is considering being a teacher. A few minutes later, her husband actually walked into the store and, hearing that I was a teacher, asked me the question I was dreading: What do you think, should I become a teacher? I dread this question because I have yet to find a way to articulate to an outsider what happens insid

24 Hours to Save the World (or Write a Play)

24 Hours to Save the World (or Write a Play) Sometimes, like today, "For Monday" comes out on a Tuesday. This is usually due to a concoction of too much work, too little time, and a dash of forgetfulness. Even though I'm past my deadline, I wanted to tell you that I don't regret my job. Politically, people tell me I'm ridiculous for teaching. Personally, people tell me it's "amazing that you can do that. I could never put up with that," or "I could never teach. I want to be able to afford retirement." One reason I teach, one thing I love about it, is that I get to do things that no one else can. I am allowed to take certain risks and assemble a team of risk-takers from a pool that few others

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