The Hero's Quest

The other day I told my students that life is like playing Super Mario Bros. Day to day events are comparable to making your way through Bowser’s castle, and eventually you reach Bowser himself. When you enter ”the boss level,” you have a decision to make: fight, or get thrown into lava by a ginormous turtle. In literature, “the boss level” is used to test a hero’s arête. The Greek word arête means “excellence of any kind,” or “moral virtue.” It’s a concept that we still value today as a virtue in our society. Unfortunately, when we are tested on this quality in our own lives, it can be tempting to view this as the universe personally attacking us and not as an opportunity to prove ourselves

The Way I See It | Dayton, OH

Last week I visited one of my oldest friends, Morgan, in Dayton, OH. Morgan is one of my creative inspirations and never fails to leave me in awe of her work! She does photography, design, and even has an Etsy store where she sells her awesome creations. It was so much fun shooting with you, Morgan! I had never been to Dayton before, and I wasn't disappointed. We ventured into the Oregon District, and it reminded me a lot of OTR in Cincinnati. It was a single street with bricks instead of pavement (CUTE), full of shops and restaurants. Landscape (cityscape?) photography has always been a challenge for me. I used to think that it was boring and pointless. Who wants to look at pictures of buil

Everything Comes to an End

Everything comes to an end. It's an old trope that's about as uninspiring as "all's well that ends well," or "every cloud has a sliver lining." They're so commonly used that they're as comforting as a "can we talk?" text. YIKES.. So here I am, at the end of my spring break, finding no comfort in the fact that everything comes to an end. As a teacher, breaks are one of the biggest perks. The ends of breaks are some of the worst parts of teaching. Not because I hate my job (I don't) or don't want to get back, it's just the transition. The waking up early again after two weeks (YEAH- two weeks) of sleeping in. The answering the same question 10 times after two weeks of only answering to myself

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