Change of Pace

For the past week I have been traveling around Europe. We have been moving so fast and have already been in three countries in the first week, which isn't even half of the total countries we'll be visiting. Each country has a different speed that is completely unique, and completely different than America. As I have been traveling I have just been trying to keep up with the speed of each country (not to mention trying to sleep!). Although I know my life in American is hectic 90% of the time all the time, I'm used to the craziness there. I'm used to it, and I can flow with it. At home, I'm Crush riding through the East Australian Current. Abroad, I'm Dory; just barely holding on. As a person

Time Away

So, it's been a hot second since I last sent out a newsletter. I have no excuse except laziness, so there's my excuse: I'M LAZY. In my defense, in the past month I've wrapped up a school year, shot two weddings, and planned a three week trip to Europe. So my energy and stress levels have been running in completely opposite directions, but HOLY WOW they're all good things. Summer break is always my time to get away and reflect. I actually started this newsletter last summer as a way to stretch my writing muscles and challenge myself. Summer always makes a significant impact on me because I have time to do things that I wouldn't normally do, and thankfully I usually have the resources as well

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