If you're like me, you hear people use the world "season" to define segments of their life. Its popularity stems from it's innate segmentation of time, and the consciousness of humans that (almost) all things come to an end. One of the best parts about living where I live is that all four seasons of nature are experienced in totality. And with the current changing of summer to fall, I have done a lot of thinking of the changing of seasons in my own life. With my trip to Europe aside, I came out of a relatively quiet summer season. it was a relaxing, much needed rest from the usually break-neck pace of my life. That season feels like an eternity ago, however, now that everything is back in fu

Remember Me?

S0, HI, I just had jury duty for a week. It was honestly exciting, fascinating, and exhausting. For some it was a break from work, whether they wanted it to be or not. For me, it was jury duty by day, sub plans by night. It was eight hours of trial followed by three hours of "what do my kids do tomorrow?" The whole week was an experience that is valuable and taught me so much, but it left me more disconnected from work and my students than I've felt in a long time. Yesterday I shot a wedding, but before that I was at a coffee shop working on editing and writing and school work and grading and everything all at once when a couple of students walked in. When I saw them I felt genuinely joyful,

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