The Past Is In The Past

I LOVE reminiscing. I love memories. I love old movies and I adore film cameras. I think the past is a charming concept and thinking about it often makes me feel shorthanded by when I was born (#90skid). I think most people feel that the past was a better time; a simpler time. And while it may have been simpler, it certainly wasn't better. For anyone. And that thought can be dangerous for many reasons, but mostly because getting too caught up in the past can rob us of our present. Welcome to a short and super heavy rant. The wish to return to simpler times is a frequent topic for conversation. It's like the weather or last night's game; it's easy to talk about and doesn't require any emotion

Procrastinati Nation

It's all fun and games until you procrastinate past a deadline. Just like anyone else, I will make up any excuse not to do the laundry. I'll do anything not to grade, not to answer emails, or even shower (it's hard work!). Procrastination is something we laugh about, but it can seriously impact so many areas of our life. Let's dive into that, because I procrastinated this newsletter and this is what I've come up with. Sleep this one's obvious. Putting off work causes us to lose the most precious thing in life because we're now staying up into the night to get it done. As someone who "proudly" never pulled an all-nighter during college, I highly value my sleep time. That's not to say I haven'

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