Big News: I'm Moving

Less than two weeks ago I texted two friends asking them if they had apartment recommendations. Yesterday I signed my lease. Moving is a huge deal for me. I moved back in with my parents after graduating college over two years ago. The intent was always to move after two years, but there was always the unknown of where I would be moving to. To be honest, I truly did not see myself moving to Batesville when I started working there. Batesville was everything I didn't want: small town, rural, just like home. But after two years of working there and investing in the town, I came to realize that I found the community that I've always wanted. A place where I'm growing professionally and creatively

Self Care Isn't What You Think It Is

Just like everyone else in the world, I've spent a lot of time since the new year thinking about the past year, and what I want my life to look like moving forward. I wouldn't call it human nature, but it's certainly a cultural expectation to set goals and resolutions to better oneself and bring more joy into ones life. The most common goal I have seen among my friends, and among those I follow on social media, is to be more intentional with "self care." A phrase that should have as many meanings as the number of people using it, society has boiled it down to a certain consumeristic pattern. Reminiscent of the phrase "Treat Yo Self," popularized by NBC's Parks & Recreation, almost everyone I

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